Topic Category: Module 1 - Introduction

Post crisis banking

The impact of economic growth, increased consumer spends and regulation The wave of economic growth, rise in consumer spend, and increased regulation, beginning in the late 70s, changed the conventional banking relationships. Main street companies discovered that they could borrow from the bond markets more cheaply than they could from banks, putting the 6 part …

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The global financial crisis

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis has been a landmark event, in all aspects, in the history of global finance. The scale of that crisis was unprecedented in the sense that it affected all economies of the world in some form or the other in varying magnitudes. A string of regulatory reforms were released globally to …

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The history of banking

2000BC Merchants in the Ancient East started offering loans to farmers. Early debt system was prevalent. 1600AD Modern merchant banking begins from rich trading cities such as Venice. 1900s – 1960s   Developments in telecommunication & computing brought major changes to banking operation and allowed them to increase in size and geographic spread. IMF & World …

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