We provide independent professional education and certification for individuals and organisations in the exciting field of retail banking, the main source of profits for most of the world’s banks.

Since the establishment of Lafferty Group 40 years ago, retail banking has been our main focus . It is a fascinating sector with vast potential for future growth. Retail banking helps the world’s consumers, small businesses, and the better off with their financial needs, from payments and savings to loans and investments. Investors love the sector, and stock market valuations of retail bank earnings are far higher than those of other banking sectors. We are proud to support the industry with education, knowledge, and intelligence.

Michael Lafferty, Chairman

Retail Banker Programme Details

Imagine the excitement of creating a modern, fully digital retail bank – a bank managed by real professionals that has more potential than all the fintechs in the world. A bank that knows how to cope with climate change from day one. A bank with an unwavering ethical foundation. This is the bank that the Certified International Retail Banker qualification is designed for.

The Institute’s primary qualification is Certified International Retail Banker (CIRB), which is designed to be the retail banker’s passport to a successful career.

Retail Banking Institute offers three progressive levels of professional education, from a foundation programme to the third level programme designed for management and leadership positions across the different types of retail banking services.

The first level is Affiliate International Retail Banker. The second level is Associate International Retail Banker, and the final level is Certified International Retail Banker. 

Digital Payments Certificate

Digital payments is the third wave of electronic payments. The first electronic payments happened in the 1800s with wire transfers, allowing payments to go from bank to bank. The second wave started in the 1950s when the card schemes introduced their own electronic payments networks. Since 2000, we have mobile and internet networks to add to bank payment and card payment networks: the new wave of digital payments.

The Digital Payments certificate programme will give you a deep understanding of the payments industry from cards and payments right into the present day of cloud computing, machine learning, contactless payments, cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies.

Module 1 - Retail Banking Institute

Lafferty Group, of which the Retail Banking Institute is a central component, has been the world leader in retail banking knowledge, intelligence, and research since its foundation. We have published several hundred research studies, hosted hundreds of conferences on retail banking all over the world over the past 40 years.

The UK government granted Lafferty Group the right to describe itself as an Institute in 2019 on the basis that:

“Institutes are organisations that typically undertake research at the highest level or are professional bodies of the highest standing.” 

The Institute has continuous access to the latest Lafferty research for all its programmes. This is vital in an industry that is going through such rapid change.


Our candidates are supported in many different ways, including via webinars, career advice, and access to interviews with leading bank and payments professionals from around the world.


We are here to answer all your queries relating to the course and your career in retail banking.