The Bank/Retail Bank CEO programme

As the chief executive of a bank or retail bank, you need to keep your knowledge current and fresh to grasp the wonderful opportunities available as retail banking grows and changes to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Retail Banking Institute serves bank chief executives with this powerful new programme designed to upgrade your knowledge of digital business models and the role of fintech in developing retail banking.

This programme will brief the bank CEO on the explosive changes that have been transforming retail banking over the past few years, and point the way forward. Responding to investor pressure, the future for most banks will be more and more retail banking and proportionately less low margin corporate and wholesale activities.

The programme is self-paced, delivered through our own learning portal, and will require between 40 and 60 hours of study.

CEOs of banks whose traditions lie in corporate banking need to embrace retail banking culture and appreciate that retail is a separate business line that will be most successful the more independence it enjoys.

The Bank/Retail Bank CEO programme takes chief executives through the following modules:

  • The Future of Retail Banking
  • Ethics: The Foundation of Retail Banking
  • Business Models in Retail Banking
  • Building a Modern, Customer-Centric Retail Bank
  • Brand Management in Retail Banking
  • Leadership in Retail Credit Risk Management
  • Leadership in Retail Banking

Our education programmes are delivered digitally and supplemented by live tutorials from experts in each field. For more information, please contact

Course Details: Online lessons supplemented with interactive tutorials.

Hours: 40 – 60

Duration: Candidates can expect to complete the course in three months.

Price: €1499

Group pricing is also available. Please contact for further details.