Operations is the back-office function that ensures that customer interactions with the bank are completed accurately and efficiently. It is the part of the business model that guarantees the fulfilment of products and services according to the promise made to the client.

This programme teaches candidates how retail banks are responding to industry-wide challenges by transforming from being product-centric or channel-centric to customer-centric. One of the main threats is from new digital challengers, including Fintechs and global technology and telecoms giants, and Operations plays a huge role in bank transformation to meet these challenges.

This programme focuses on how operations and technology can support the bank’s transformation into a modern customer-centric digital bank, detailing the processes and techniques that help it achieve its aim.

Much of this transformation requires the bank to improve its customer data management, and when it gets this right, a bank can command a competitive advantage.

This programme takes the candidate through operations fundamentals, operations management and the fintech revolution

Candidates take an online exam after completing the programme material and those who pass successfully are awarded the Retail Banking Institute Certificate in Operations.

Course Details: Online, self-paced.

Hours: 40– 60

Price: €599


Foundations of Operations

Operation Management

Fintech Revolution