It’s almost 15 years since fintechs first started challenging the banking industry with fresh thinking and technology-driven solutions to persistent problems in payments and lending.Once seen as a fatal threat to traditional banking, fintech is becoming increasingly recognised as an essential part of retail banking, driving transformation, new business models, partnerships and profitability. In fact, many forward-thinking retail bankers have moved into the fintech business. Our new Fintech in Retail Banking programme brings candidates through the changing business models of retail banking, demonstrating the influence of fintechs. The candidates then learn the drivers of Fintech, historical, cultural and technological, and learn about the practical pain points in banking that fintechs solve. The programme addresses the issue of funding and profitability in fintechs and finally brings candidates up to speed on the nature and evolution of bank-fintech partnerships.  Written by working experts in the fields of fintech and banking, this programme provides the full context for the development of fintech in retail banking and draws on examples of successful business models and partnerships. 

Candidates take an online exam after completing the programme material and those who pass successfully are awarded the Retail Banking Institute Certificate in Fintech in Retail Banking.

Course Details: Online, self-paced.

Hours: 40– 60

Price: €599


Business Modules of Retail Banking

Fintech drivers, models and profitability

Fintech partnerships