Welcome to the Associate International Retail Banker programme, which is Level II of the RBI’s Certified International Retail Banker programmes.  This programme builds on Level I, the Affiliate International Retail Banker programme, which introduced the foundations of retail banking. 

In this programme, candidates are introduced to the management functions of retail banks, and you will learn how to operate a retail bank in challenging environments. 

On completing this programme, candidates will be able to understand the principles of managing risk, finances, people, and portfolios, along with the functions of recovery and collections. In this level candidates will also learn the business models of fintech businesses, and the partnership ecosystem.

Along with continuing to learn about Customer Management, Operations, and Risk Management, we introduce in this programme Payments and particularly Digital Payments, along with Collections and Recovery, and two modules on the evolution and operation of Fintech, which has quickly become an integral component of financial services for the digital world. We wish you well in your studies.