By now, you know the roles of the two main types of sales professionals in a bank (the Hunters and Farmers) and which personal characteristics (mainly Eagles, acknowledging that you might get some Swallows, but not Turkeys) to seek when building a sales team.

We have discussed how to establish training plans and their importance in improving and keeping sales productivity. The role of sales training programmes is not only to keep your sales team members informed, but to keep them motivated by understanding the techniques to use and how to use them. It is crucial to always employ a positive approach, reinforcing good behaviour and performance. Avoid at all costs negative feedback or developing a culture of fear.

We have outlined how to set challenging targets, missing no growth opportunities, while preserving the motivation and productivity of your best teams.

We have identified the best ways to reward performance and reinforce what good performance is to all the bank’s sales professionals. The key message is that sales is about simplicity, having clear rules to engage customers, consistency of approach, exhibiting the right behaviour, having the resilience to achieve what is expected every day, and knowing that personal performance will always bring the expected consequence.