Media Relations


Every retail bank needs a media relations team – whether it is called PR, press, media, external relations or something else. As a minimum the executives in charge need to be knowledgeable and up-to-date in their industry knowledge. It is not enough to know retail banking as it used to be, even two years ago – because the industry is changing at an extraordinary pace.

This programme will do just that – enabling the PR executive to talk with authority to the press about the bank and the industry of which it is a part.

This programme for Media Relations takes you through the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Modern Retail Banking

  • Ethics and Compliance

  • Marketing

  • Retail Banking Products and Services

  • Fintech – drivers, models and profitability

  • Fintech – partnerships

  • Building a Modern, Customer-Centric Digital Retail Bank

  • Bank Governance

  • Brand Management

  • Sustainability and Climate Risk

  • Leadership of a Retail Bank

Candidates take an online exam after completing the programme material and those who pass successfully are awarded the Retail Banking Institute Certificate in Media Relations.