This refresher course will arm retail banking leaders with the very latest knowledge in the rapidly-changing field of retail banking. Whether they come from retail, corporate or non-banking backgrounds, today’s retail banking leaders need to be experts in modern consumer and SME banking. They need to understand how fintech and e-commerce is transforming the competitive environment, the role of potential partnerships with merchants and telcos and the imperatives of sustainability.  

Most of all they need to review their bank’s business model and consider how it can be changed to become more customer-driven.   

The Head of Retail Banking course takes chief executives through the following subjects:

  • Introduction to modern retail banking

  • Ethics and compliance

  • Business models

  • Fintech I – drivers, models and profitability

  • Fintech II – partnerships

  • Asset and liability management

  • Competitive analysis

  • Governance

  • Leadership

Candidates take an online exam after completing the programme material and those who pass successfully are awarded the Retail Banking Institute Certificate in Head of Retail Refresher.

Course Details: Online lessons supplemented with interactive tutorials.