Executive Programme

This comprehensive refresher course briefs the bank CEO and potential CEOs on the explosive changes that have been transforming retail banking over the past decade, and point the way forward. Responding to investor pressure, the future for most banks will be more and more retail banking and proportionately less low margin corporate and wholesale activities.

CEOs of banks whose traditions lie in corporate banking need to embrace retail banking culture and appreciate that retail is a separate business line that will be most successful the more independence it enjoys.

The CEO refresher programme takes chief executives through the following subjects:

  • The Future of Retail Banking

  • Ethics: The Foundation of Retail Banking

  • Business Models in Retail Banking

  • Building a Modern, Customer-Centric Retail Bank

  • Brand Management in Retail Banking

  • Leadership in Retail Credit Risk Management

  • Leadership in Retail Banking

On completion of the programme material, candidates take an online exam. Successful candidates are awarded the CEO of a Bank/Retail Bank Certificate, issued by Retail Banking Institute.