Certified International Retail Banker (CIRB)

Retail Banking Institute provides independent professional banking education and qualifications for individuals in the fields of retail banking and payments.

This is the top level of our  Certified International Retail Banker education programme. The modules are designed for management and leadership positions across the different types of retail banking services including SMEs, private banking, and wealth management.

  • Asset and Liability Management
  • Growing Profitability and Competitive Analysis
  • Bank Governance
  • Leadership of a Retail Bank
  • Fintech III
  • Brand Management
  • Risk Management III
  • Wealth Management and Treasury
  • Strategy
  • Internal Audit

Level three includes live online seminars delivered by RBI faculty in specialist areas.


Candidates will earn the qualification of Certified International Retail Banker (CIRB) by successfully completing all three levels. The Certified International Retail Banker course is produced by our faculty under the editorial direction of Dr Ronan Lynch.

Course Details: Online lessons supplemented with interactive tutorials.

Hours: 100 – 150

Duration: Candidates can expect to complete the programme in three months.

Price: €1299

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