Certified International Retail Banker (CIRB) Programmes

Imagine the excitement of creating a modern, fully digital retail bank – a bank managed by real professionals that has more potential than all the fintechs in the world. A bank that knows how to cope with climate change from day one. A bank with an unwavering ethical foundation. This is the bank that the Certified International Retail Banker qualification is designed for.

The Institute’s primary qualification is Certified International Retail Banker (CIRB), which is designed to be the retail banker’s passport to a successful career.

Retail Banking Institute offers three progressive levels of professional education, from a foundation programme to the third level programme designed for management and leadership positions across the different types of retail banking services.

The first level is Affiliate International Retail Banker. The second level is Associate International Retail Banker, and the final level is Certified International Retail Banker. 

We welcome candidates with three or more years of experience to enter the programme at the Associate level. Candidates with eight years of experience including three years at management level can enter the programme at the Certified Level.