CIRB Level 2

Associate International Retail Banker

Retail Banking Institute provides independent professional banking education and qualifications for individuals in the fields of retail banking and payments.

In level II, Associate International Retail Banker, candidates are introduced to the management functions of retail banks, and how to operate a retail bank in challenging environments. This level builds on the knowledge gained in the Affiliate International Retail Banker programme. On completing the programme, candidates will be able to understand the principles of managing risk, finances, people, and portfolios, along with the functions of recovery and collections. In this level candidates will also learn the business models of fintech businesses, and the partnership ecosystem. The material covered in level II includes:

  • Payments, Transactions, and Settlement
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Customer Management II
  • Recovery and Collections
  • Fintech I – Drivers, Models & Profitability
  • Fintech II – Partnerships
  • Managing the Product Portfolio
  • People Management I
  • Operations II
  • Retail Credit Risk Management II
For group participants, the programme can be supplemented by weekly tutorials presented by our specialist tutors.  

Course Details: Online lessons, which can be self-paced, supplemented by the Lafferty Daily Briefings on banking and payments.

Hours: 100 – 150

Duration: Candidates can expect to complete the programme in three months.

Price: €899

Admission to Associate International Retail Banker is open to candidates holding the RBI qualification of Affiliate International Retail Banker (or equivalent), or two or more years of experience working at a retail bank or consumer finance business.

Please contact to register.