Affiliate International Retail Banker

We provide independent professional banking education and qualifications for individuals in the fields of retail banking and payments.

The Certified International Retail Banker qualification is achieved by taking the three courses, starting with Affiliate Certified Retail Banker at the first level, Associate Certified Retail Banker at the second level, and Certified International Retail Banker which is awarded on completion of the third level. 

The Affiliate International Retail Banker is our foundation course in retail banking. On completion of this programme, candidates will be able to analyse and describe the history of retail banking, and to analyse the business models of retail banking ranging from product-centred banking to customer-centric banking. They will be able to understand the principles of sales and marketing from a customer-centred point of view, and they will be able to understand how the different parts of a retail bank operate to best serve its customers.

This foundation course for retail bankers covers:

  • Introduction to Modern Retail Banking
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Retail Banking Business Models
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Management I
  • Marketing
  • Retail Banking Services and Products
  • Operations I
  • Retail Credit Risk Management I
We welcome you to apply today for the Affiliate International Retail Banker programme. 

Course Details: Online lessons supplemented with interactive tutorials.

Hours: 100 – 150

Duration: Candidates can expect to complete the course in three months.

Price: €699

Group pricing is also available. Please contact for further details.