Factors that Define Retail Banking Structures

Across all segments of the financial services industry, the basic structure of banking is organised around the following factors and dynamics. In the following chapters, we will analyse these factors and look at the approach to each group, factor or dynamic.

  1. Competition and markets: Evaluate existing industry structure, competitive landscape, or market composition
  2. Customers and products: Explore emerging trends in retail or institutional customer behaviours, attitudes, and needs
  3. Governance, risk, and compliance: Reviews industry risk management practices and regulatory mandates and their potential financial and strategic impacts on industry participants
  4. Financial management: Highlights how finance leaders can better organize and deliver needed insights to their firms
  5. Operational effectiveness: Analyses how firms have responded to talent, process, and other operational challenges
  6. Technology dynamics: Examines the evolving role of technology in the industry

To understand this elaborate structure, we must first understand the foundations of banking.