This programme is aimed at sales and marketing staff, managers, and executives. While fundamentals have remained unchanged, the strategies and implements of modern marketing and sales have been transformed in the digital age. We retain the deep fundamentals of sales and marketing and develop approaches that bring out the best in people and their understanding of technology’s role in the process. 

In this programme, candidates will complete three complementary modules. First, they are brought up to speed on the transformations in digital marketing, now a business dominated by a handful of incumbents such as Facebook and Google.

Candidates then learn about the improvements in customer knowledge and the application of technology to improve the use of data (for example, its use in customer segmentation and behavioural predictive algorithms), and how the share of sales conducted by the customer without human involvement is progressively increasing.

Candidates then learn about hiring, appraising, and managing a sales team, including how to best retain and motivate staff, and how to exit an employee.

Course Details: Online, self-paced.

Hours: 40– 60

Price: €599


Marketing in Retail Banking

Sales Management Foundations

People Management in Retail Banking

Candidates take an online exam after completing the programme material and those who pass successfully are awarded the Retail Banking Institute Certificate in Sales and Marketing in Retail Banking.