Programme Managers

To do their job, programme managers need to solve, or connect to people who can solve, problems that may affect the strategic initiative they are trying to achieve. Because of the breadth of their responsibilities, they play a key enabling role in banks. The role must be flexible by design to meet the challenges that project teams encounter.

Project Managers

Project managers have more tightly scoped deliverables and focus on ensuring that what they are delivering will be delivered on time, to the scope, and within budget. For this, they must be able to create a workable plan for how to achieve specific project milestones. They also review a queue to identify new work and existing tasks and unblock anything stopping the project team from delivering. A key part of their job is to ensure that project work meets the quality and reliability requirements set out before the project started. They ensure that individual project stakeholders are engaged to continue their support through regular progress reports and other communications.

This table compares their responsibilities.