A Global First

Asset and Liability Management programme

Retail Banking Institute is delighted to announce a global first with our practical new Asset and Liability Management programme. The programme works through several scenarios that will be familiar to retail bankers right now as rates rise. Believe it or not, there are opportunities!

If you a professional retail banker, you’ve been hearing non-stop news about banking crises caused by mismatches of deposits and loans. Recently failed banks such as Silicon Valley Bank in the US have been sadly but helpfully providing real-time reasons that you absolutely need to grasp the complexities of Asset and Liability Management – the heart of retail banking.

Each year, Treasury allocates capital across the bank, to the retail, commercial and corporate divisions. Retail’s cost of capital is critical, as retail runs the ATMs, branches, call centres and web platforms. Wise retail bankers know that without the right cost of capital, all the infrastructure in the world won’t deliver results. Wholesale bankers use transfer pricing to disadvantage retail bankers, but we’ve got your back. We’ll put you in the know. 

As central banks raised interest rates over the last 12 months, the best retail banks have been preparing and implementing the techniques of asset and liability management. They maximise results through intelligent resource and capital allocation. They plan using past and future scenarios to minimise negative scenarios and maximise gains in opportunistic ones.The few Asset and Liability Management programmes currently on offer are aimed at treasurers and corporate bankers. Retail Banking Institute presents the first Asset and Liability Management programme designed for retail bankers, including general managers, heads of retail banking, product managers, retail credit managers, sales, distribution, and operations. Retail Banking Institute offers a top level practical training programme to work through the major scenarios facing retail bankers in the Asset and Liability Committee – not to mention in our current high interest rate environment. This will be exciting, hands-on training.We offer this new programme on Asset and Liability Management beginning on Wednesday 17 May, from 1400 to 1600 London time. The two subsequent classes are on May 24 and May 31. Our practical training programme takes place over three two-hour sessions to work through the scenarios facing banks in a rising interest rate environment. Pricing per candidate is €1,795, and we can offer group rates also.To register, please click here where you can make payment and reserve your place.The faculty for this programme is led by Retail Banking Institute lead faculty member Carlos Wanderley, who has deep expertise in Asset and Liability Management as the former Regional Director of Retail for Europe, UK and Latin America HSBC, and more recently as Head of Retail for Union Bank in Nigeria.      

Course Details:
Online lessons supplemented with interactive tutorials.

17 May 2023
24 May 2023
31 May 2023.

Duration: Three two-hour sessions

Price: €1,795

Group pricing is also available. Please contact Caroline.Hastings@lafferty.com for further details.